Soul Sessions



The Quest Presents..."Soul Sessions" Open Mic Night!

August 23, 2017

Lady Sola

The UPN was in the building for Soul Sessions -- a fun and high energy infused open mic event. Soul Sessions is a mix of the unique New Haven culture, dope music and passionate creative people. The purpose of the event is to spotlight and support local talent who craves to share their voice, lyrics and music with a crowd that supports them. 

During the first edition of Soul Sessions on Saturday July 29th, members of The Quest Presents all contributed to the event through their performances, behind the scene work and live music production. Taking place at Soul de Cuba in New Haven, items sold during the event were donated to Cubanakoa Foundation

Markdamighty performed "Alcohol" and "Gelato" from his latest EP "EN" which can be downloaded here.

           Chef the Chef and Mooncha performed their collaboration "Sorry". you're reading this, you might be thinking "who is The Quest and why should I spend my valuable time learning about them?" Well lemme tell you.

The Quest Presents is a four member group based out of Connecticut. Chef the Chef, Markdamighty, Mooncha and DJ Fife bring a chemistry and cohesion only seen by the likes of Justice League. Their sound is deeply rooted in hip hop elements, but highly combustible. Essentially shape shifters, capable of bending any genre to their liking and even creating new ones along the way. Each member brings something different and important to the table musically.

                  (L to R: Chef the Chef, DJ Fife, Markdamighty and Mooncha)

DJ Fife is the musical caterer, curating shows and producing and arranging songs for the group. Mooncha represents the gifted showmanship and improvisation for The Quest Presents. Markdamighty brings the pain and emotional element while Chef the Chef spearheads the flow and the linear infinity that the musical plane presents.

As much as each member brings a specific trait to The Quest Presents, they encompass many layers of talent. All members are gifted with lyricism, producing and arranging songs, The Quest Presents is a train that runs on its own fuel and they can never be pigeon holed into one sound, image or genre. Alone, each member of The Quest Presents is a star in the making, but together they present a force that is difficult to ignore. 

With an Odd Future-esque chemistry that was bred through long friendships and common goals, The Quest is ready to present the future of music.

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