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Eric Essix “More” Album Release Show

For Eric Essix, the year 2018 marks two inspiring milestones in his multi-faceted career. The Birmingham, Alabama based contemporary jazz guitarist is currently in the studio with his longtime band working on a project under the title, “25-30 Sessions,” indicating that this will be his 25th full length recording since launching his recording career in 1988 (30 years ago) with the release of First Impressions. That album was the start of a creative journey that has made him a genre icon - not only for his keen ability to fashion a continuous flow of infectious melodies and funky grooves, but also because while delving into several sub-genres (pop, R&B and Gospel among them), he has artfully dismantled past ideas of what jazz is and reinvented them. 
“I didn’t even think about the reality of 25 albums until I got here,” Essix says. “For me, writing and going into the studio to record these projects has been my process of musical expression and each song has been an important outlet for that. When I entered this business, I knew that the best way to sustain a career was building a loyal fan base by performing live and recording – and once I got started, I saw the impact that the music was having and just kept going. 

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